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This Crazy World: Too Young For Botox?


Charice, a Filipino pop star, received Botox to make her round face more narrow at the jaw. Normally this wouldn’t be news, but Charice is 18 years old. (Fashionista)

A year ago I would have read about Charice and brushed it aside as more celebrity news that I could care less about. But now, as a new mom raising a little girl, Charice’s Botox has struck a chord with me. Women have long been judged by their appearance but things are getting out of hand. Most of the images of women we see in the media – ads, television, film – are heavily photoshopped and are photos of women who’ve had work done. We’re constantly bombarded by an idea of beauty that is not real. What kind of messages are we sending to women? More importantly, what ideals are we passing on to our kids?

I want my daughter to grow up in a world where she can feel confident in her natural beauty. I don’t want her to think she needs to have Botox or other plastic surgery at such a young age to feel comfortable in her skin and to fulfill an idealized image of beauty that doesn’t exist in nature. How do we protect our kids from the media blitz? Even I have to remind myself that the images in magazines have been modified and I know the magic of Photoshop. How do you convey that to a child?

I’m worried about how far we’re taking the “ideal beauty” and I wonder if we can ever go back to admiring natural beauty. I hope for our kids’ sake, that we can. I’d hate for everyone running around looking like Heidi Montag.


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