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Halloween Costumes Good Enough to Eat!

Pottery Barn Kids -  Halloween Costumes

Pottery Barn Kids - Halloween Costumes

Maybe it’s because I love food but every time I look at kids costumes for Halloween, I’m always drawn to the food costumes! I was flipping through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and they have some adorable costumes of some of my favorite sweet treats including a cookie, cupcake, donut, ice cream cone and popcorn. What makes these costumes especially cute is that I haven’t seen those costumes anywhere else so they are unique and will set your kids apart.

Target Infant Halloween Costumes

Target Infant Halloween Costumes

I also saw some really cute infant costumes at Target this weekend. I fell in love with the hotdog costume and thought it was hilarious but I knew Nonna (grandma) would have a heart attack if I made my little girl a hotdog for Halloween. The Banana is also especially cute and if I hadn’t already bought my tiny dancer a Halloween costume I would have gotten that.

So what did I get? Princess Poo Poo pants will be a ladybug for her first Halloween. I love ladybugs, they’re good luck and I’m lucky to have her. There are a lot of cute ladybug costumes out there but I purchased hers at Carters (on sale!) and also bought a black long sleeve onesie for her to wear underneath so she won’t be cold. In a perfect world, I would have found an infant sumo wrestler costume because with all of her little creases and rolls of baby fat, she would make an excellent sumo wrestler! (I actually can’t believe this hasn’t been made. I need to get on that fast – all you need is a hair piece and a stylized diaper!)

If you’re still uninspired, check out – they have an endless assortment for kids of all ages and you should be able to find something that you and your little one like.

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  1. Skim says:

    I found some cutie costumes, too! Check out today’s Skimkim Yummies!


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