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Baby Carriers: Comparison & Reviews

Baby Carrier Comparison & Review: Belle Organic Earth Carrier
Babywearing” has become popular in the U.S. in recent decades, but it’s been practiced around the world for centuries.  More than just a convenience, infants benefit from being carried closely.  Whereas in other countries, babywearing is a normal part of infant development, here it’s more a matter of freeing-up our hands situation.  There are times that my tiny dancer just wants to be held and I don’t have enough arms to carry her and get stuff done – enter the baby carrier.

When I registered for baby products, I registered for the BABYBJÖRN.  I didn’t do much research into the matter, it was just the only baby carrier I had heard of.  When I started Lil’ Miss, I was sent a few samples of competing baby carriers to try out.  What follows below is my comparison and review of the BABYBJÖRN, BabyHawk and Belle Organic Earth baby carriers.

Baby Carrier Comparison & Review: Baby Bjorn

BABYBJÖRN Original Classic

BABYBJÖRN Original Classic
Specs: 100% Cotton; For babies up to 25 lbs/11 kg.
Construction:  Ergonomic design; wide shoulder straps; adjustable supports; plastic closures and clasps.  Child can ride both rear and forward facing.
Ease of Use:  The BABYBJÖRN Original Classic is easy to use and quite comfortable.  The tiny dancer seems comfortable in it as well and she feels very secure in it.
Price: $79.95
Recommendation:  Highly recommended, my favorite of all three carriers.  Available in several colors.

Baby Carrier Comparison & Review: Baby Hawk

BabyHawk Mai Tei

BabyHawk Mai Tei
Fabrication: 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton; For kids up to 40 lbs.
Construction:  Mai Tei – based on Asian child carriers; no closures just long straps of fabric that you can tie in a variety of ways so that you can carry your child front, back or on your side.  Padded straps and head rest.
Ease of Use: I was a bit intimidated when I saw the different ways you can tie the BabyHawk.  The carrier comes with detailed picture instructions and tying it was much easier than I initially thought it would be.  It also felt more secure than I expected and was comfortable to wear.  The baby looked like she felt comfortable and secure in it as well.
Price: $80
Recommendation:  Highly recommend.  The BABYBJÖRN comes out slightly ahead for two reasons: (1) It’s easier to get on and off quickly (if you practice the tying could be done quickly but I have little patience and time); and (2) I’m petite so that meant that there was a lot of extra fabric that I didn’t really know what to do with.  Available in different patterns and colors.

**Also available in an “Oh Snap” model which includes clasps and adjustments.

Baby Carrier Comparison & Review: Belle Organic Earth Carrier

Belle Organic Earth

Belle Organic Earth
Fabrication: 100% undyed Romanian hemp; lined with organic cotton; plastic buckles and stainless steel waist rings; 30 lb weight limit.
Construction:  Feels like a hybrid of the BabyHawk and BABYBJÖRN. Similar construction to the BABYBJÖRN but does not feel as secure.  I didn’t like the stainless steel waist rings because even though it was secure, I didn’t feel like it was secure and I kept checking it.  Detachable head support included.
Ease of Use:  Relatively
Price: $119.95
Recommendation:  This was my least favorite of the bunch.  It’s also the most expensive which I’m guessing is because of the organic fabrics.  It felt the flimsiest and I didn’t love the very natural smell of the hemp.  It also provided the least coverage for baby – which is great when the baby is a bit bigger but while the baby is a tiny dancer I don’t want to worry about her feeling secure and covered.  The tiny dancer seemed perfectly content in this carrier.  If you are into hemp products, this is definitely for you.  If not, the Belle carriers are also available in other organic/non-organic fabrications including black (yay!).

*I received the BabyHawk and Belle Organic Earth carriers from their respective PR Companies to review for the website.

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