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She’s Crafty: Autumn Wreath

autumn wreath diy

It’s our first Autumn in our home and since we’ve made the big move from the city to the burbs, it’s the first time that we live some place where kids may actually come trick-or-treating.  I wanted to create a festive environment but wasn’t going for a haunted house look.   Flipping through the pages of a Williams-Sonoma catalog, I fell in love with their autumn wreaths.  The wreaths were gorgeous but cost a pretty penny ($59.95 and up).  I’m not living that large yet, so I decided I would make my own wreath.  For less than $20, I created our first family autumn wreath.  Read on for instructions on how you can make one too.

Supplies & Tools:
-Base Wreath
-Flowers, Leaves, Pumpkins – anything you want to decorate the wreath with
-Hot glue gun & glue sticks
-Pliers/Wire Cutter

Cut each flower and leave about 4 inches of stem.

Push the flower stem through the wreath and come up with a design that you like. Do no use the glue yet so you can try different placements.

When you found a design you like, take one flower out at a time and add hot glue to the base of the flower.

Place the flower back in the wreath and push down on the top for about one minute until the glue dries the flower in place.

Once all the flowers are glued in place and the glue has dried, flip the wreath over and trim the extra length of the flower stems.

Voila! Your autumn wreath is done and ready for hanging.

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