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Linky Dinks: 11.11.10

♥♥Yet another egg recall – check your cartons! Babble.

♥♥If you’re traveling this holiday season, check out the Bed Bug Registry.  You don’t want to take those critters home with you! Babble.

♥♥I’m loving these placemats from DwellStudio. LilSugar.

♥♥Enter the Yummie Tummie Sweepstakes to win a $500 Yummie Tummie Wardrobe.

♥♥Join the Soft Toy Movement!  For every soft toy you buy at Ikea, the company will donate $1 to help educate a child.

♥♥Win your wish list courtesy of The Land of Nod – naughty ones need not apply!

And some news that makes me go, WTF??

:( A 10-year old girl gives birth.

:( A chain smoking 2-year old is sent to rehab.

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