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Fisher-Price Baby Mozart: Music to Baby’s Ears

In 1993, a study dubbing The Mozart Effect was published indicating that when college students listened to Mozart, they had a temporary increase in spatial reasoning.  The study set off many leaps of logic with people saying that having your baby listen to Mozart would make your baby smarter.  Now in 2010, any claim about The Mozart Effect applying to babies has been put to rest but from personal experience, I can say that there are benefits to having baby listen to Mozart. (

When I was pregnant last year, I had read somewhere that the repetition of Mozart’s music helped the fetus develop in utero.  I knew that it may or may not be true but I figured it couldn’t hurt.  Besides, who doesn’t like a little bit of background music?  On one of my trips to Babies ‘R Us to create my registry, I picked up a copy of Fisher-Price’s Baby Mozart CD.  When I got home, I picked a set of headphones that could stretch the most and I gently placed the headphones on my expanding belly.

The music was soothing for me and I could feel the Tiny Dancer move when she heard the music so it was a nice shared moment.  Later on in my pregnancy, when I had to count kicks, if things ever got a little slow I put the headphones on my belly and played Mozart and sure enough, the Tiny Dancer would let me know she was ok.

Later on, when the Tiny Dancer came home from the hospital my husband and I noticed that she responded really well to music.  So, whenever she started crying we would play the Baby Mozart CD and she would instantly be soothed.  My hunch is that she recognized it – the way she recognized my voice – and it helped calm her down.  Whatever it was, I was very glad to have that CD!

I think we spent most of the first two months listening to that CD.  I had it on my iPhone, iTouch and the cd was in the car.  Whenever she acted up, the music came on.  The Tiny Dancer is six-months now and she still loves the Baby Mozart CD.  Thankfully, we don’t need to play it as often!  The music is definitely babified – it’s not quite the NY Philharmonic – but it’s the best version of Baby Mozart that I have heard.

I highly recommend this CD and even went ahead and purchased Baby Bach and Classic Baby all by Fisher-Price.  Mozart, by far, is her favorite but they all pique her interest.  Listening to classical music is a great way to introduce baby to music – whether it makes her smarter or not.

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