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Dr. Rey Shapewear – Sleek and Slim on a Budget

A few months back I reviewed the Lytess shapewear belt as it compared to other post-pregnancy belly belts. Before my pregnancy I wore Spanx once and didn’t really like them. Looking back, I didn’t need to be wearing them so I think that was most of the problem. Now, post pregnancy, I couldn’t imagine getting dressed up without shapewear. It’s crazy because I’m actually only 1 pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight but my body LOOKS different. My doctor said that since I’m still nursing that things stay “loose” – I hope she’s right because no matter how many ab exercises I do, the belly is not getting smaller :( So, while things are “loose” I will religiously wear shapewear.

Shapewear has come a long way from the corsets I remember my grandmother wearing. There are a lot more options and they look good too! Never really meant to be seen, the new shapewear that’s out now is definitely sexy on its own as well. I recently was sent four samples from Dr. Rey shapewear. Most of you probably know Dr. Rey from his hit series Dr. 90210. He has a line of shapewear at reasonable prices for ladies who can’t afford or don’t want to go under the knife.

When I first tried the pieces on, I was skeptical because if you compare the pieces on cost along – they are significantly less expensive than other shapewear on the market. But, in this case, price was not indicative of quality. I measured my belly with no shapewear, with other brands of shapewear and with Dr. Rey shapewear – here are the results:

Spanx – 1 inch off the waist (worn once before)*
Lytess – 1 inch off the waist (worn for 2 months)*
Dr. Rey – 2 inches off the waist (woo hoo!)**

The pieces not only worked but they looked nice too (some more than others). The High Waist 3/4 step in is a workhorse and was not as “pretty” as the others. The dot mesh brief and the dot mesh cami are fun pieces and a cute set- especially in black. My favorite of the bunch was the contrast lace high waist brief – paired with a strapless bra and the look screams “sexy” not “keeping the tummy in!”

Dr. Rey shapwear is available online on,,, Classic and Bare I highly recommend these pieces and I’m hoping this will get me though my “loose” phase.

*I indicate the length of time I wore it to accommodate for any stretching that may have occurred.

**I received the Dr. Rey shapewear as samples to try from the PR company. But the measuring tape is doing all the talking!

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