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Decorating a children’s nursery/room can be a little intimidating. Many of the decorative items start looking the same: pink, blue and brown seem to be the only colors to choose from. Many of the options are overly “cutesy” and it’s hard to junk up a room when you’ve spent a lot of time and energy decorating your dream home/apartment.

Chrissy Crawford, art consultant and independent curator is answering our prayers with the launch of, an online gallery of contemporary art for kids. Speaking about the project’s inspiration, Crawford stated:

I work privately for a lot of families who wanted art for their kids’ rooms…I was completely underwhelmed by the options out there. So I started talking to artist friends of mine, and a lot of them are young parents. It developed from there.

The gallery consists of new works and pieces from archives from artists including Kenny Scharf, Bo Bartlett, Inka Essenhigh, Cynthia Rowley, David Levinthal and Matthew Carden. Crawford is going to rotate the artistic talent featured on the site to keep things fresh and hopes to include more fashion designers in the future.

In addition to original work, to make more accessible, the site will also sell limited edition prints that cost from $40 to $375. The pieces are geared directly to children, Crawford explained:

The front of our frames are Plexiglas so the art can be hung at the child’s eye level. And if the work falls, it’s not glass, so it’s not going to break or hurt anyone. It’s important to me that parents aren’t hanging the pieces at high levels so the children can’t touch them. will also encourage kids in their artistic pursuits with its Art 101 feature “that covers a full range of artists from Paul Cézanne to Damien Hirst, a listing of children-friendly art activities and exhibits in the U.S. and a blog where parents are encouraged to submit their own decorating ideas. launched on December 13th. If you visit the site before the launch you can sign up for the newsletter. I’m very excited about this website because I think it provides parents a chance to introduce art to their children at a young age and allows parents to decorate a kid’s room without sacrificing their taste.

Source: WWD

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