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Lavanila Baby Collection – Chemical Free Bath Products

Babies have the softest, sensitive skin so it’s up to mama to use products that won’t irritate lil’ bébé. I’ve been using Johnson & Johnson’s product – as my mom likes to say, she used it on me and I turned out fine. But, if you look at the ingredients, it lists things you would find in a chemistry lab, rather than stuff you’d find in a kitchen. For the tiny dancer, I’m diligent about what I put in her body, so why wouldn’t I watch what I put ON her body?

When I was contacted by Lavanila about trying out their 100% natural baby bath products I was hesitant to use the tiny dancer as a guinea pig, especially since she has baby eczema. When I read about their products however, I changed my mind. Lavanila Laboratories has created the 100% natural, chemical-free Baby Collection: pediatrician approved, chemical-free, hypoallergenic and contains 30 vitamins and minerals.

I was sent The Healthy Baby Bundle which included the Baby Lotion, Baby Bottom and Baby Wash.  The baby wash is dispensed in a pump so it comes out as a lather.  The soap was gentle and pleasant smelling and didn’t leave a ton of residue in the water which is great for babies with eczema.  The baby lotion went on smooth, smelled great and wasn’t greasy.  The tiny dancer really enjoyed it as I gave her a little infant massage with the lotion and she noticeably relaxed.  Last, I tried the baby bottom cream – what a welcome relief from Desitin (Desitin works but smells disgusting).  The cream sealed out moisture and gave her bottom relief.  Most importantly, none of these products aggravated the tiny dancer’s eczema, in fact, the splotches are a lot less noticeable now.  I’m a fan of Lavanila and will definitely continue to use it on the Tiny Dancer (and will probably look into their adult products for me!).  The Lavanila Baby Collection can be purchased on the Lavanila Webstore or on

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