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The Tiny Dancer’s First Picture with Santa Claus

The infamous picture on Santa Claus’s lap – it’s a right of passage.  A few weeks ago, I took the Tiny Dancer to the mall to visit Santa Claus for her very first picture with him for her first Christmas.  I was really worried about how she would react and I hoped she wouldn’t cry because she was on the lap of a large strange main in a red suit.

When she first sat down she looked at him full of trepidation and I thought the waterworks were going to start.  Then I started calling her name and acting a fool and she took one look at me and smiled – thank goodness! Once I saw that I knew we’d get the shot.  I don’t think the picture does the Tiny Dancer justice but she still looks adorable.  I’ll be taking these photos every year until she gets tired of Santa – hopefully not any time soon.

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4 Responses to “The Tiny Dancer’s First Picture with Santa Claus”

  1. j.e.w.el.s says:

    awwww, she did so good. half of my xmas pics are of me crying and reaching out to my mom, lol. I took jackson and he did good, I looked crazy trying to make him laugh but it was worth it. Hope you and the fam have a wonderful holiday =)

    • GDK says:

      I know we will do anything and look really silly for that one picture! :) Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!


  2. MTen says:

    she looks beautiful!!! happy holidays!


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