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Trumpette Socks: Cuteness for Little Feet!

The moment I saw Trumpette socks, I fell in love – they are the cutest socks I have ever seen.  The first pair that I saw was a set of tromp l’oeil Mary Jane socks.  Since then, I’ve always had my eyes peeled for more Trumpette styles.  When I went to their website my intention was to just show you a few examples but I couldn’t pick my favorites – I love them all!  They do a great job of doing cutesy stuff – think bows (big satin ones or little satin ones), classic Mary Janes (in pastels, black and plaid) and ballerinas.  But, they also do a nice job of picking up on trends for those fashion forward babies – boat shoes and sandals – just perfect for summer.  And how could I not include the Disney socks?  Mickey and Minnie adorn a few styles – and they are on sale right now for 50% off!  I’m wishing they made adult socks because I would totally wear the Disney ones.  The packaging is great too:  All of the sets come in a box that you could save to store socks or any other accessories.

Trumpette is also a designer brand that has teamed up with Target to produce a line called TrumpetteToo – you can get similarly adorable socks, tights and shoes at Target in smaller sets (3 socks) for a fraction of the price.

Trumpette has adorable styles for boys and they make tights, shoes, apparel and other fun gifts.  I’ll have to save those for another post though – for now check out these adorable sock sets…


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