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Things I Couldn’t Live Without During My Pregnancy

The moment you become pregnant changes you in so many ways – including the things you shop for.  As your body changes and your hormones make you crazy I found that there were some things that I purchased that made my pregnancy easier.  Yes, I mean chili cheese fries, but no, I will not include them on my list.  I’m only including things that will help you, not just satisfy your cravings :)   Here are the things that helped me out…

1.  Nursing Bras & Bra Extenders – The first thing I noticed before I got pregnant was that my boobs were fuller and sore.  I had to buy new bras one month in but they kept growing.  So, instead of buying new bras every month, I just skipped to the inevitable and 
got a nursing bra from the get-go.  It was the most comfortable and I 
was not interested in investing in lots of comfortable (read UGLY) 
bras. I was never a person to let comfort get in the way of a sexy bra but I was so uncomfortable in so many ways that I didn’t want my bra to cause me discomfort as well.  I found some wireless, seamless bras at A Pea In the Pod and they made the pregnancy more comfortable.  Also, at the end of my pregnancy the top of my belly started right under my boobs so I couldn’t even close my bras.  Instead of buying another bra I just got bra extenders from Target and they gave me the extra room I needed in back.

2.  Belly Band - not sure the exact name, but like Melinda said, it 
helps you wear your pre-pregnancy pants unzippered but holds your 
pants up.  I got mine at Target and avoided maternity pants for a few 
months because of it.

3.  Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter – I put so much of this on 
morning and night that I am glistening.  I started using it the week I 
found out I was pregnant.  I put it on my boobs (not the nips/aureola) 
and belly and I didn’t get any stretch marks in any of the places I used this product.

4.  Wedge Pillow – The wedge pillow supports your ever-growing belly while you sleep on your side so it doesn’t have that feeling of spilling over the side.  This was a must for my belly – I needed it once I 
started to show. I was already a side sleeper but this pillow supports 
your belly so you don’t feel like you’re hanging out all over the 
place. I also was already a “pillow between the knee” sleeper but this helps as well.

5.  What to Expect When Expecting Book & iPhone App – I am a giant 
nerd and I approached my pregnancy the same way I approach everything 
else – research!  I bought this book the night I found out I was 
pregnant.  It answers tons of questions and is informative.  You can get your info on-the-go with the mobile app as well.

6.  Elastic Support Band – Around 5-6 months walking around became 
very painful because of my muscles stretching, etc.  I had to buy an 
elastic band that supported my back and my belly.  It wasn’t one of 
those crazy looking giant contraptions – I got a smaller one that was 
just a thick elastic with velcro.  This helped for a few months – at around 8/9 months nothing helps :(

7.  Jennifer Wolfe’s Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Videos – I love this 2-disc 
DVD set (short form and long form).  I did yoga before my pregnancy 
and this video is intended for people who practiced before – not 
people who are new to yoga.  It’s a bit more vigorous than other 
prenatal videos but that’s why I liked it – the other videos for 
beginners were a bit boring to me.  Jennifer Wolfe is also a doula and 
gives great tips during the workout for poses that will help during 
labor or to help turn your baby around.  I got the set for a great 
price on

8. Prenatal Vitamins – I’m assuming this is not news and everyone is 
already taking these.  I liked the ones at GNC because they weren’t 
the size of my head and I could actually swallow them.  I recently found out about Prenatal Spray on Twitter and the idea of spraying my vitamin rather than swallowing a giant pill seems much nicer.

9.  Tums – I don’t need these very often, but I’ve had some heartburn 
and this helps instantly – plus you get some extra calcium.  I found a flavor that was cocoa and creme and I thought – finally – a flavor that works for a chalky substance!  But, like all things that I like I couldn’t find that flavor anymore and had to opt for the same old weird fruity chalky taste.  (I just looked it up and you can buy the cocoa and creme Tums online!)

10.  Baby Mozart CDs – Yes, I put headphones on my belly.  The tiny dancer loved 
it.  It also came in handy when I hadn’t felt her kick in a while and I 
need to make sure she was ok.  I put the headphones on the belly and 
it was no time before I feel her dancing in my belly.

11.  Metamucil
– Not to be gross but I was constipated the entire 
pregnancy.  I drank 2-3 glasses of Metamucil everyday (in addition to 
eating TONS of bran, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and probiotic 
yogurt) and it helped.  Be sure not to get the sugar free kind because all that fake sugar is no good for you or the baby.

That’s all the important stuff that really helped me through my pregnancy.  Everyone is different so they may not all be for you.  Just try to stay health and comfortable.

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