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Baby Einstein DVDs Are Magic

The Tiny Dancer is a pretty mellow baby, but like any baby she has her moments.  She’s teething right now and a bit cranky here and there.  I bought two Baby Einstein DVDs when she was around four months – Lullaby Time and Baby Mozart (since she’s a big Mozart fan).  At the time she didn’t appreciate them that much – she was still sleeping a lot, cuddling and more receptive to music than video.

Now, at 8 months, she’s a lot more attentive and with teething, she has her moments of crankiness.  Yesterday, I had tried just about everything and nothing was working. Then I remembered the Baby Einstein Baby Mozart DVD and I figured I would give it a try – it couldn’t hurt right?  OMG.  I am so happy that I gave the DVD another shot.  Not only does she like the video – she’s ecstatic.  She laughs at the Baby Einstein puppets, waves at the screen, makes noises and interacts with whatever is happening on screen.  I get a kick out of just watching her watch the DVD.

When the DVD doesn’t make her jump for joy, it puts her to sleep.  Either way, I win!  Now that I know these DVDs are worth it and that the Tiny Dancer enjoys them I will definitely be getting more for her. I’ve seen ones that are focused on colors, numbers and sign language – I’ll let you know what I think when I get them.

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  1. Stella says:

    That’s awesome she loves them. There is really something magical about them; every baby I’ve watched the DVDs with gets so into them and really seems to respond to what’s going on screen. And they see to keep their effect past a year old.


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