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Things That Make Me Go AHHHH! Bad Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instruction From Hell - Impossible Assembly - Look Closely

When we decided it was time to have a baby, I didn’t realize that we would have to assemble so many products. But basically every piece of furniture, toy, play area – even tub – has needed some sort of assembly. What was even more surprising was how poorly written the assembly instructions are. The instructions I’ve encountered make IKEA instructions look EASY. Really?

When you have a baby you have ZERO time – the last thing you need is to spend a few hours trying to figure out how to put something together (that should take 5 minutes). Not only that but when you have a kid (especially your first) everything is so new you’re thrown into parenthood and have a lot to learn – do you really need to have to figure out indecipherable instructions?? Dear companies, give parents a break and make your instructions understandable. We have enough (and more important stuff) to tend to.

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  1. What a common story, so many items require assembly these days, not just furniture. It was for this exact reason my wife and myself started a free to use website with online video assembly guides. However our biggest problem is convincing the manufacturers and distributors that their products need assembly videos, they all think their instructions are idiot proof, despite the fact the internet is littered with complaints about their instructions.


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