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Indestructibles – Built For the Way Babies Read

My Tiny Dancer loves books. The only problem is that at eight-months old, the way she “reads” is by tearing, pulling, crinkling, sucking and chomping with her newly sprouting teeth. I’ve pulled more paper out of her mouth than I care to think about and wrestled more books out of her hand than I can recall. So, last weekend when I was shopping in San Francisco at The Right Start and saw Indestructibles I thought they were a gift from the Gods.

Indestructibles Books were created by Amy Pixton, a mother of triplets who knew first hand how babies read in their own special way.  To avoid the choking hazard that books pose, and to preserve the books her kids had, she set out to create a book that her kids couldn’t destroy.

Made from a paper-like synthetic that water can’t pass through and is super difficult to tear, Indestructibles are perfect for babies.  The books are washable, non-toxic and have passed safety guidelines.  The illustrations are engaging and are rich in color.  The books have no words and that’s intentional – this allows you to narrate your own story and allows you to change the story as your child develops.  In that way, Indestructibles grow along at the same pace as your child.  Seems to good to be true? It’s not!

I bought the Tiny Dancer one book and when we got home she started playing with it and loved it.  I loved how it didn’t tear or end up with me pulling pieces of it out of her mouth.  I definitely will be buying more of these – and at $4.95 a pop, they are no more than other comparable children’s books.  You can purchase Indestructibles in store at The Right Start or online at Workman Publishing.

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