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Design State Premium Prints

You really need to dig around to find cool stuff to decorate a kid’s nursery.  Sure, there are lots of cutesy themed nursery-in-a-box nursery decor options but if you want something that fits in more with your lifestyle or the rest of your decor, it can be hard to come by stuff.  Enter Design State prints.

Natalie Milani, designer of Design State prints, is on a mission to change the way nurseries are decorated – one nursery at a time.  “I want Design State to open up the possibilities.” Natalie explains, “Modern families take many
forms, and I want to offer designs that are appealing and relevant to every family.”  Milanie wants to create prints that are as unique as the families that hang her prints on their walls.

Not all families are the same, and I love that Milani has offerings for non-traditional families including multi-cultural families and same sex families.  Her prints are really simple and clean and can go with any decor.  I also love the prints that look like eye exams but have really cute sayings in them like “The World Is Your Oyster Little One”.

Every piece from Design State comes fully framed and ready to hang on the wall. Design State  is 100% Australian made – designed by an Australian artist, printed in Australia and placed  lovingly into Australian made frames.  The prints make great shower gifts too.  Design State prints can be purchased online at

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