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Mama’s Milk: DIY Handsfree Breast Pump Bra

I am so over buying ugly bras.  The first things to grow when I got pregnant were my breasts and when I went on to breastfeed, they just got bigger.  Now, they’re not tremendous but on my under 5 foot frame, weighing in at under 100 lbs, my boobs look huge to me.  Because of comfort issues when I was pregnant I invested in seamless nursing bras – I figured I’d need nursing bras at some point so I thought I’d hit two birds with one stone.  My friends actually gifted me a gorgeous Agent Provocateur nursing bra for my baby shower but I still can’t fit into it :(   I’m hoping I can wear it when I’m done nursing.  And, yes, I could find cute bras in 32C but I have 2 months left – and I have no idea what size I’ll be after I’m done breastfeeding – and yes, I’m being cheap.

Now that the Tiny Dancer is eating solids I have to pump more to keep the supply up.  If I spent all day feeding her and then pumping it would leave me little time to get anything else done.  So instead of spending about $30-$40 on a handsfree breast pump bra, I spent $0 and two minutes and made my own.  Here’s how…

You’ll need:
1. An old jog bra that you don’t plan on using anymore
2. Scissors

3 Easy Steps:
1. Put the jog bra on. Figure out where your nipples are and pull out the fabric of the jog bra that falls on your nipples. Pull it far we don’t want you cutting off your nipples, ok?

2. Make a very tiny snip in the fabric that falls over your nipple. Just a slit about 1/4 of an inch wide. You can always make it bigger but you can’t make it smaller!

3. Take the jog bra off. With your fingers stretch out the hole you snipped and using your breast pump (the funnel part) push it through the hole. Be sure not to stretch the hole bigger than the pump! You want it to fit tightly around the funnel part so it will stay in place.

Get to pumping! I’ve been using my DIY handsfree breast pump bra and I love it. I kinda feel like a Femme Bot when I wear it.  In fact, when you’re done pumping you can use the jog bra as part of an Austin Powers Femme Bot costume – just kidding – not really.

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3 Responses to “Mama’s Milk: DIY Handsfree Breast Pump Bra”

  1. hani wahab says:

    thank you, very inspiring, i put it @ my website if you don’t mind :)

  2. leen says:

    It’s brilliant! I am planning to buy one.. But now, just DIY.. Save money! ;-) )
    TQ for sharing..


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