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The Analogy of the Day: The Little Terror

It’s been some time since I took the SATs and had to figure out analogies, but today as I was watching the Tiny Dancer wreak havoc on my living room and throw everything that was on my beautiful glass coffee table onto the floor, an analogy popped into my head…

Godzilla : Tokyo :: The Tiny Dancer : Coffee Table

My poor coffee table is never, ever free of finger prints.  And anything that I put on the table now needs to be immediately pushed to the center so it’s out of the Tiny Dancer’s reach.  You know those gates for stairways?  I’m considering putting one around my coffee table so that I can put things on there (like a cup of coffee) and know that it won’t end up on the Tiny Dancer or my carpet.  Welcome to the next few years of my life – hooray!

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4 Responses to “The Analogy of the Day: The Little Terror”

  1. Sha says:

    The Tiny Dancer is absolutely adorable!!! Sooner than later, she’ll be actually drinking coffee :S They grow up so far. :)

  2. Valerie says:

    This is so funny because I’m baby-sitting as I’m reading and typing this. My place is not baby proofed because I don’t have children, but when my niece comes over, she goes after EVERYTHING on my dresser. I I just had to remove bright red fingernail polish from her knee caps. (Don’t ask!) It’s too much! Strangely enough, I’m looking forward to motherhood one day though :)

  3. gfunnymoney says:

    im in the same boat! Roo is just now pulling up onto things (tables chairs etc).. after i spent too much money and time on bumpers for the coffee table, she reaches over and grabs everything, so basically nothing is coffee table safe. those gates arent bad $150 and they detach to 4 pieces, and can add as many pieces as you want.

  4. GDK says:

    Hahahaha, I’m glad I’m not alone!

    We have coffee table bumpers that now serve as teething devices.

    Valerie, you don’t need to explain the nail polish on knees, I know that there’s no telling what they can do. Even when you think you’ve baby proofed, they will let you know soon enough that dangers still lurk!


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