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Grey Is The New Pink

grey childrens room nurseryWhen it comes to baby girls, everything comes in pink.  Pink Clothing, pink baby accessories, pink nurseries – everything pink.  I’m so sick of pink that I feel like I drank a bottle of Pepto Bismol.  When the husband and I learned that we were having a little girl, we wanted to stay away from too much pink.  We didn’t like the idea of indoctrination and following the cookie-cutter “girly” theory that little girls = pink.  My daughter happens to like blue – does that make her a boy?  Don’t get me started, I’m digressing…

Our house had been painted before we bought it and all of the bedrooms were painted a very pale grey.  I had wanted to add a chalkboard wall (with black chalkboard paint) but we decided to wait until the Tiny Dancer was a little older.  So, we left the nursery a pale grey and added pops of color to the room.  We had some pink – just not ALL pink.  I didn’t realize we were so on trend but apparently when it comes to nursery design, grey is the new pink.  From very pale grey, to almost black, grey is a beautiful modern neutral.  As a neutral, it works well with just about every color so you can add pops of brights or splashes of pastels or you can just highlight one accent color.  Creating a blank canvas, grey is also gender neutral so if a brother and sister share a room, grey is a great option.

We are re-decorating the nursery so I’ll be doing a post on the before and after.  But for now, here are some images that I found inspiring…

Image Sources: OhDeeDoh, Niken, Lil’ Magoolie

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2 Responses to “Grey Is The New Pink”

  1. gg says:

    omg i LOVE THIS! roo has A LOT of pink in her room so i opted to get all dark/black furniture. but i never thought of going dark on the walls. slate would be a nice contrast. this really got me thinking! thanks!

    • GDK says:

      you’re welcome! I’m dreading what my mom is going to say when she sees it though. I think she would prefer the walls pink :)


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