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Abercrombie Sells Padded Push-Up Bikini Tops For 8-Year Olds

abercrombie and fitch padded bikin top for kids

Abercrombie has long been pushing boundaries with its overtly sexual image and half-naked kids standing in front of its stores but it has stooped to a new low.  A&F has caused a stir over padded push-up bikini tops that it’s selling to kids marketed toward girls as young as eight-years old.

This is wrong on so many levels – I’m completely disgusted.  This top is sending so many wrong messages!  Girls are being sexualized at such a young age it’s really sad.  Kids need time to be kids.  And, most importantly, we’re teaching girls to have poor body image and not be satisfied with themselves at a very young age.  The psychologist in the clip below breaks it down really well…what do you think?  Is selling padded push-up bikini tops to little girls ok??

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2 Responses to “Abercrombie Sells Padded Push-Up Bikini Tops For 8-Year Olds”

  1. Ash S says:

    I’m embarrassed to share a name with this bikini… I didn’t even know people wore Abercrombie anymore.

  2. artiffact says:

    Companies are taking this tween thing too far. Little girls need to stay looking like little girls, not like little women. I would never buy this for my 10-year-old, and I’d be very surprised to see if any mother would buy this for her young daughter. I’ve always hated Abercrombie, for the racist shirts, for the thongs, for the ads, and now here’s another reason.


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