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And the Worst Mom Award Goes To…

Britney Campbell 8 year old injected with botox

Britney Campbell’s mom!  By now you must have hear about her. She’s the idiot who injects her 8-year old’s face with Botox and has her daughter get bikini waxes to avoid growing pubic hair in the future.  Someone please call child services NOW.  The mother does this so that so her daughter will be a superstar when she’s older:  “She is a lucky little girl and is going to be famous because of the benefits I am giving her so early.”  The mom is also considering getting her eyebrows waxed, eyebrows tattooed, lip liner tattooed and a boob job as soon as she’s old enough.

Britney Campbell 8 year old injected with botox

Aside from the horrific pain that this poor child is enduring from getting injected with poison and getting waxed, this poor little girl has no choice in the matter and is going to grow up thinking that the only thing that matters is how you look.  I try not to judge how other people parent because there are as many different ways to parent as there are people – there’s no correct way.  But this seem borderline abusive.  Thoughts?

Read the full story and the mom’s ridiculous quotes at The Sun.  All info and image from The Sun.

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2 Responses to “And the Worst Mom Award Goes To…”

  1. Ash S says:

    I don’t understand why some people cant just let their kids be kids.. I find this wrong on so many levels. Just because she has body issues of her own does not mean she should be forcing them onto her daughter.

  2. Yee says:

    Wow, I cannot believe that I haven’t heard about this story yet, until now. This makes me wonder what’s wrong with the mother? I can’t believe this, it’s not right. When a child is eight years old, they should be playing and having fun, not like this.


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