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FDA To Investigate Food Dye Safety

Did you know that food dyes are made from petrochemicals? That is, food dyes are made from compounds derived from PETROLEUM.  And we color our food with this.  How this passed muster under the FDA in the first instance is amazing.  Now, the FDA is studying food dyes because they have been linked to behavioral problems and ADHD.

Whether or not there is a link to behavioral problems, now that I know where commercial food dyes come from I’m going to pay closer attention to the colorful foods I eat.  I’m not saying food shouldn’t be colorful but what’s wrong with adding color naturally with ingredients like beets, pomegranate and other pigment-rich foods? Whole Foods tweeted today: “ARTIFICIAL COLORINGS: we’ve never allowed them in our food and we never will.” Just another reason why I love Whole Foods.  Read your labels and make informed decisions about what you put in you and your little one’s body!

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