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Must Have Tech Gadgets for Mamas

Gadgets for New Moms- Best Tech Gadgets for New Moms Clockwise from top left: iTouch, iPad, Music Balloon, Logitech Rechargable Portable Speaker

Being a mom is a 24/7 job and any thing that I can use to make my life easier is a welcome addition to my life.  I never really considered myself into technology but that all changed when I got my StarTAC and my first iPod which was engraved with “Gabriella’s Ghettoblaster”.  Since then, I’m always looking at the next new product and I find myself saving up for new gadgets the way I do for designer bags.  A bit crazy.  It doesn’t help that a new model comes out every five minutes.  So, without taking more of your valuable time – here are some my favorite technical gadgets that make my life a bit easier (and fun!).

iTouch/iPhone/iPad – Aside from the obvious benefits of an iPhone (or any other phone) of being able to make calls, check email and listen to music, all the apps you can add make these igadgets’ usefulness pretty endless.  Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my favorite apps for moms and kids.

Music Balloon – I don’t have this yet, but it’s on my wishlist. The Music Balloon is a small portable speaker and I need this for the times that I’m in a noisy place and the Tiny Dancer wants to listen to Baby Mozart in her car seat/stroller.

Logitech Rechargeable Portable Speaker – I bought this for my hospital stay when I had the Tiny Dancer.  The first time I used it was to amplify the sound of the “ocean” from my iPhone in the labor and delivery room.  I thought it would be soothing. It wasn’t.  Fortunatley, I’m still able to use the portable speakers without thinking of labor everytime.  I take it from room to room – wherever I need it and voila! I have music.

Gadgets for New Moms- Best Tech Gadgets for New Moms Clockwise from top left: Canon Vixia HD Video Camera, Logitech Web Cam, Canon Powershot  G12, Flip HD Video Camera

Canon Vixia HD Camera/Canon Powershot G12/Flip HD Video Camera – You gotta record those precious moments!  The Vixia HD recorder is a heavy duty video camera and is great if you’re going to take lots of video and will be editing.  If you want something more mobile then the Flip is a good bet.  The Canon G12 is great because it takes great photos, has manual settings and also takes video.  Finding the right camera depends on your needs and skills – you just have to find the right one for you – I have all three cameras and they are all great.

Logitech Web Cam – Assuming you (and the party you would be communicating with) have a computer that doesn’t come with a camera installed, a web cam is essential.  Raising the Tiny Dancer on the West Coast with my parents on the East Coast is not easy.  We miss out on a lot of family time but with the web cam at least the grandparents can see the Tiny Dancer.  I bought this camera for my parents and they love it – and we love seeing them!

Gadgets for New Moms- Best Tech Gadgets for New Moms Clockwise from top left: Griffin iPhone/iTouch Car Charger, Blueant S4 Speakerphone, Garmin Navigation System, Belkin Mini Stereo Cable

Griffin iPhone/iTouch Car Charger - It happens, you leave the house and realize your phone is about to die. I was really tired of this happening so I bought the Griffin charger and I leave it in my car.  My phone is never dead. Yay!

Blueant Speakerphone – Talking on your cell phone while driving is prohibited in most states.  The Blueant Hands Free Speakerphone allows you to communicate on the go.  I bought this for my husband and it’s worked out well.

Garmin Navigation System – Living in the city I didn’t have a car I took the bus, a cab or walked everywhere. When we moved to the ‘burbs I didn’t know my way around so my navigation system came in handy.  Plus with all the play dates, new doctors and lessons that you’ll be taking the kiddos to, it will be good to have something help you navigate your way there.

Belkin Mini Stereo Cable – Assuming your car has the output for this, the Belkin mini stereo cable allows you to listen to the music from your portable music device.  Forget the annoying radio and hello iTunes.  Yay!

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