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Family Sections on Planes: Good Idea or Segregation?

I was watching TV the other morning and one of the news anchors made a comment about how there should be a “family section” on airplanes because you know, people with kids are like lepers or something.  I’ll admit, before I had the Tiny Dancer, when I traveled on airplanes I would cringe when I saw a kid sitting near me.  But, most of the time, the kids were fine.  And between my snacks, my movies, books, work, music etc., I was busy and barely noticed them.  The worst it ever got was a kid kicking the seat behind me and if anything, I didn’t blame the kid – I blamed the parent for not stopping the kid.

Now that I have a child, the comment about a family section struck a nerve.  Why should we lump people with children on a separate section of the plane?  I pay just as much as anyone else on that plane – for my ticket and the tiny dancers (gone are the days of discounted tickets for kids!!). Not to mention, my child is pretty well behaved – what makes you think I want to sit amongst the poorly behaved, unruly kids?

If, as a society, we were going to separate people on planes, I myself would like to see a section for the following groups: people who snore loudly, people who spill onto your seat and armrest, loud talkers, rude, inconsiderate adults, people with bad body odor; and drunks.  Um, do we see how dangerous a slippery slope “separate” sections would create? I thought we realized long ago separate was not equal.

I think what we need to remember is that everyone has paid to be on the airplane. If a kid is acting up, instead of thinking about how miserable you are, think about how miserable that kid is being cooped up on a plane. We were all kids once and I think it helps to remember that once in a while.  It may be the adults that complain so loudly about kids on the plane are just grown up bratty toddlers themselves.

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