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Pregnant In Heels: Please Shoot Me Now

I’m watching Pregnant In Heels as I write this and if I weren’t typing, I would be sticking a pencil in my eye.  The show follows a pregnancy “concierge” – basically a glorified assistant to pregnant women with money to burn.  Whatever the expecting parents need help with, she assists.  One couple she’s working with wanted help picking a name – and she put together a THINK TANK.  It gets better – then the couple runs the top name picks to their friends to vote on.  I wish they would have had people vote on whether they should bring someone into the world.  Sorry, that was mean.  They ended up picking a name that no one liked – so now they can go on knowing that all of their friends hate their son’s name.  I already hate this show but I know I will get sucked in.  At least it will give me something to blog about.

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