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Birthday Party Inspiration: The Tiny Dancer’s First Birthday

minnie mouse birthday party inspiration

The Tiny Dancer will be one-year old in a month and I’ve started planning for her birthday party.  I was having a hard time deciding on a Hello Kitty theme or a Minnie Mouse theme.  I went to the stores to check out the party stuff for both characters and everything was pink :(   I knew that no matter what character I chose, I wanted to use their likeness as they were created – in red!  I soon realized that the party would have to be more DIY than I had planned because I wanted to stay with a red theme. Minnie Mouse seemed like a much more doable DIY theme so I went with Minnie Mouse for the Tiny Dancers 1st birthday party. Also, the stores are full with fun Hello Kitty stuff for goodie bags and I thought it would be fun to save the HK theme for a party where there are more kids in attendance.

I’m so excited for this party!  I love planning parties!  How can you not love red with white polka dots? So cute!  I’m having a cake made like the one pictured above and going to order a Minnie Mouse birthday banner on Etsy.  The invitations I’m going to make myself, as well as the party hat for the Tiny Dancer’s cousin who will be the only other child in attendance.  Instead of a cone birthday hat that the Tiny Dancer can only wear once, I ordered a set of Minnie Mouse ears from the Disney Store – which are the same ones they sell at the theme park so she’ll be ready for her first Disney trip.  Today, I bought red fabric with white polka dots to make a table runner and napkin ties.  That’s as far as I’ve gotten but I’m really excited about how things are coming along so far.  I’ll keep you posted with my progress and show pictures of the finished product.

Have you planned a birthday party for your kids?  What theme did you go with?  Any tips on planning a birthday party?

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3 Responses to “Birthday Party Inspiration: The Tiny Dancer’s First Birthday”

  1. artiffact says:

    Minnie is so classic. That’s a great theme to go with. Is mama dressing up too?

    For my daughter’s first, I chose a garden theme. There was plenty of pink, but I balanced it out with purples, blues, yellows, and greens. Gingham, dragonflies and butterflies, and daisies galore. I had to do a lot myself, from making the invitations to the centerpieces, but it looks so much better like that! I even made little party favors: a tiny daisy plant with my daughter’s face in the flower.

    The first party sets off the rest of them, so I continue to do a DIY theme each year: art show, rock star party, tv studio, and more…it’s been fun!

    • GDK says:

      Oh how fun! Those all sound like such great themes! I have a feeling the parties will be DIY because I’m too much a control freak, hahaha!

      I don’t think I’m dressing up but I may have to get myself some ears too :)


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