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“In The Playroom” by Jonathan Hobin

in the playroom by jonathan hobin

Jonathan Hobin is an award-winning photographer and art director.  He explores the troubling aspects of childhood, imagination and storytelling with historical, cinematic, literary and pop cultural references in his works.  In his latest project, “In The Playroom”, Hobin comments on the omnipresence of the media in our lives by having children “play out” catastrophic world events.

These photos are really interesting because at first glance, they seem innocent enough.  But then, if you look closely, they become a bit horrific. Hearing about these terrible events in the news is bad enough, but seeing kids act them out is quite disturbing.  It makes you wonder how much kids actually understand and take in about the terrible things happening around the world.  As a mother, all you want to do is protect your children and this photo series is a stark reminder that you can’t protect them from everything.

Source: Fubiz

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