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American Express Membership Rewards: Social Currency for a Rich Life

American Express Membership Reward Points The Social Currency
Points, points, points.  Every company is offering them these days – but sometimes I wonder what is actually in it for me?  One of the originators in a points, American Express Membership Rewards actually reward you.  I’ve been an American Express customer since I was in college (over 10 years) and it is hands down the best credit card that I have – and I’ve had my fair share.

Fortunately, Membership Rewards points don’t expire and just last year I realized that I had accumulated a lot of points and I wanted to redeem them.  I went online and was able to peruse my options seamlessly.  What I loved about American Express’s Membership Rewards was that I didn’t have to choose an actual product – I could choose a Gift Card.  Yes!  That meant more shopping for me.  Wait, let me get this straight… I use my American Express card to go shopping, and my American Express Membership Rewards allow me to get more gift cards to go shopping?  Yes, please!  That is one little circle dance that I will not tire of!

I ended up choosing Gap Gift cards – first, because I shop at the Gap (and BabyGap) a lot – but also because I could use the cards at Old Navy or Banana Republic – which I also shop at.  I spent my gift cards happily on myself and The Tiny Dancer.

American Express Membership Rewards

As I accumulate more points, I’m trying to figure out where I want to spend them.  Do I want to transfer my points to an airline toward tickets? To a hotel toward an overnight stay?  Toward dinner and a movie?  There are so many options.  Membership rewards don’t just give you an alarm clock any more.  You can use your points to gain experiences.  Membership Rewards give you the social currency to choose the experiences that will reward you with a fulfilling and rich life.

About The American Express Membership Rewards Program: The Membership Rewards program from American Express offers more than a million rewards from over 500 brands. The program allows Cardmembers to earn one point for virtually every dollar charged on eligible, enrolled American Express Cards, with many opportunities to earn points faster. Membership Rewards points are redeemable in a wide selection of reward categories. Points have no expiration date, and there is no limit on the number of points a Cardmember can earn. For more information about the Membership Rewards program, visit http://www.membershiprewards.com.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and compensation was provided by American Express via Glam Media.

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of American Express.

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