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Handmade Booties for Infant and Toddler Girls on Etsy

handmade baby booties on esty Cuteness Overload! Clockwise from top left: Daisy Ballerina, The Savannah, Fleur, Jackie O, Victoria

Babies don’t really need to wear shoes but they need to keep their little tootsies warm. It’s only natural that if you’re getting cute clothing for the bambina that you’ll want to get some equally cute footwear. A few days ago I showed you some really cute summer sandals for infant and toddler girls – today let’s take a look at the cuteness overload going on at There are so many cute Esty shops that carry lovely handmade baby and toddler booties. You can get casual or dressy booties – they are all so adorable. For you ladies that are crafty, you can also buy patterns so you can select your own fabrics and coordinate your tiny dancer’s outfits. Check out the cuteness on Esty…

handmade baby booties on esty Soft and Sweet! Clockwise from top left: Couture Ballet Slipper, Organic Hemp Ballerina, The Leanne Harlow, Vintage Taffeta Mary Jane

handmade baby booties on esty So Fun!  Rocker Chic and Sushi Booties! Clockwise from top left: Kizzie, Fortune Cookie Booties, The Red Bottom, Sushi Booties

handmade baby booties on esty DIY Crafty Ladies! Get these patterns on Etsy! Clockwise from top left: Open Toe Knotted, Poppy, French Chic Baby Sandal, Ballet Baby Bootie

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  1. Mayette says:

    Those sushi and wonton booties are adorable!


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