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What’s Worse? Botox for Kids or Teaching Kids to Lie?

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At the end of March, British Tabloid The Sun broke a story about Kerry Campbell, a mom who gave her 8-year old daughter Botox. Last week, news broke that the San Francisco Child Protective Services had investigated the situation and removed the child from the home. Not soon after, Kerry Campbell admitted the story was a hoax and that she was paid $200 to come forward with the fake news.

Granted, much of this information is unreliable – it’s mostly from gossip pages like The Sun and TMZ. But whether Kerry Campbell actually gave her daughter Botox, or whether it was all fabricated and she lied about the whole thing seems immaterial. What’s worse? Giving an 8-year old Botox? Or teaching your kid it’s ok to lie for money?? Either way, she’s a terrible mother. If she did give her daughter Botox, not only is she risking her child’s physical health but she’s wreaking havoc on her self-esteem. If she didn’t give her daughter Botox, and she lied about the whole thing – for money – on national television – what kind of message is she sending to her child?  Whatever the case, “Kerry Campbell” is harming her daughter in so many ways. Let’s hope she made enough money to pay for all the therapy her daughter will need.


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