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Here Comes The Sun! Best Sunscreens for Babies

sunscreen for babies Summer is coming and that means one thing – fun in the sun!  After being cooped up inside all winter long and finishing up with school, the kids just want to play all day in the sunshine.  When I was a kid I would get so tan from playing but times have changed and after learning more about the sun and the damage it can do, we need to keep our kids protected from the sun’s damaging rays.  If you’re baby is 6 months or under, you probably want to keep them out of the sun altogether.  If they’re older, a sun hat and stroller umbrellas/canopies can help kids stay out of the sun.  But the best protection for babies and toddlers is sunblock.

There are many, many options to choose from when it come to sunblock for babies and toddlers.  From the suntan lotion companies to baby product companies with a full line of bath products, you have a great selection to choose from.  So how do you choose?  Here are a few tips:

1.  Your Baby’s Skin – The sunblock that works for your kids will be a truly individual decision because you need to choose what works well with your kid’s skin.  Babies have really sensitive skin so if you’ve used products from a brand and they’ve worked well before that would be a great place to start.  I could tell you that Product X was great for me, but it may not be great for your child.

2.  Activities – What will your baby be doing in the sun?  Too little to run so just hanging out with mom? Swimming?  If your child will be in and out of the water then you’ll want to make sure that the sunscreen you choose is waterproof.

3.  Application – Think about how you’re going to apply the sunscreen.  Does your child not sit still long enough for you to rub the sunscreen in?  Maybe try one in a spray bottle or one that foams and make it fun for kids to apply the sunscreen.

4.  Portability – At some point, you may need to travel with the sunscreen.  Will the bottle travel well?  Some bottles come with a smaller travel size or you could opt to buy individually wrapped towelettes so you can have some in all of your bags – whenever you may need it.

5.  Read the Label – Always read the directions! Sunscreen normally needs to be put on about an half-hour before being exposed to the sun.  Also, if you’ll be out all day you’ll probably need to re-apply the sunscreen.  Take a look at the label to see how many hours it’s supposed to last.

sunscreen for babiesAll of the sunscreens pictured can be purchased at Babies R Us.

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