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“Gender” Cakes – Fun or Ridiculous?

gender cake
It seems people always come up with a reason to have cake – who can blame them? It’s yummy!  Well, a new kind of cake is becoming really popular among the pregnant set – not surprising with all the raging hormones and expanding waist line, there’s nothing like some cake that will make you feel human again.  So I present to you:  The Gender Cake.*

Gender cakes work a lil’ something like this:  Pregnant woman has an ultrasound but doesn’t want the tech to let her know the sex of the child; the ultrasound tech writes the sex of the child on a piece of paper and puts the paper in a sealed envelope; the pregnant woman takes the envelope to a bakery where she orders a cake and asks the outside of the cake to be gender neutral but asks for the sex of the child to be revealed by the inside of the cake via colored cake or icing (usually pink for girl/blue for boy).  Pregnant mama and baby daddy have a “gender reveal” party where they get friends and family together, cut the cake and find out the sex of their child.

Here’s an example of how it works:

So, are gender cakes fun or ridiculous?  I mean, I love cake so any excuse to have cake is a good one.  Plus some of these cakes are really cute!  On the other hand, does a pregnant lady really need another excuse to eat cake?  It’s not really good for her and if gestational diabetes is an issue it’s a definite no-no.  I’ve seen some gender cake hate online so there are definitely people against the new practice. 

Where do I stand?  I think it’s cute.  It still gives a nice element of surprise without having to wait until you’re in the delivery room.  There’s a small part of me that’s a little jealous that I didn’t know about this when I was pregnant.  What do you think?  Have you had a gender cake?  Will you have one?

*I know, I know, before you leave comments – gender is a social construct.  We’re really talking about sex.  But people aren’t running around ordering sex cakes (at least not for this purpose) – these “reveal the sex of your child” cakes have been dubbed “gender cakes” so for this post, we’re calling them gender cakes.

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