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What Am I Getting The Husband for Father’s Day??

AHHH! I know, I’m the blogger I should have some fancy post with amazing gift ideas for Father’s Day.  Well, life has been hectic the past few weeks – and especially the past few days – so I haven’t had time to put a gift guide together.  Instead, I need some help on what to get the Tiny Dancer’s dad.  I know I’ll come up with something and actually writing about it has put some ideas in my head so I’m feeling better about this now.  Are you in the same snafu?  Here are some quick tips because the clock is a ticking!

1.  Events – is the baby daddy a sports fan? Music lover?  He must like something!  Get him tickets and you can have a nice outing as a family.

2.  Dinner/Barbecue/Picnic – what’s the line?  The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?  It’s true.  Feed him.  He’ll like it.

3.  Collector – does he collect stuff?  Add to the collection!

4.  Hobby – what hobbies does he have?  Get him something that will help him further into his hobby.

5.  Never Fails – you can’t go wrong with a tech gadget.  Ever.

I hope these quick tips work for you! I need them to start working for me right about now!

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