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Tips For Organizing Your Home

tips for organizing your homeOk, we’ve all been there – sometimes the house gets a little crazy.  Overflowing laundry baskets, toys all over the floor, unopened mail piling up.  My mental state is a direct reflection of my living environment.  When my surroundings get disorganized, my thoughts become jumbled.  To keep my mind clear, I try to keep the house pretty tidy as much as possible all the time.  I’ll admit it’s a bit more difficult with a one-year old wreaking havoc but I’ve learned to be efficient with the little time that I have.  Here are five quick tips for organizing your home that you can carry over with you to any particular room of your house.

1. Everything Has Its Place.  In order to put stuff away, the stuff needs to have a resting place.  Store similar things together, for example, keep all your linens in one place.  Also if space allows, store the stuff in an area of the room or closet that makes sense.  So, if you have a linen closet, keep your towels and sheets there – rather than in an extra cupboard in the kitchen.

2.  Storage.  I’m a fan of bins and containers – especially for small items.  Storage bins help keep things together and they also make the most of small spaces by maximizing the area in which you can store.  For example, if you have a shelf and just put things on the shelf you only have one level of storage.  But, if you can put 2 bins on top of each other on the shelf, you’re maximizing the space you have to work with.

3.  Label or Color Code.  Label, label, label.  Or if you don’t want labels everywhere, color code.  These are two easy ways of keeping track of things.  This technique works especially well in home offices, kitchens andd children’s rooms. 

4. Put Things Away.  The partner to step 1 (everything must have its place), when you use something, put it away immediately.  This is probably the most important step and the one step that gets most neglected leading to a disorganized home.  You may feel like you don’t have time to put things away as you use them but it saves a lot of time.  In the end, you waste way more time looking for stuff that’s not in its place.

5. Use, Donate, Throw Out. Every six-months to one-year you should go through your stuff and decide what you will use, donate or throw out.  Stuff has a funny way of piling up and accumulating and a good way to stay organized is to only keep stuff that you actually use.  Don’t get stuck hoarding stuff and really ask yourself if you need everything you’re holding on to.

If you follow these five simple steps you will be on your way to living in a more organized home.  Happy sorting!

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  1. Ash S says:

    Thanks for the tips! it’s amazing how much more stressed out one can feel in a messy home.


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