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Best Grocery Apps

top grocery apps
Here’s my latest round up of apps – this time I focused on grocery shopping – keeping it organized, keeping it cost effective, locating farmer’s markets, integrating recipes with grocery lists – the whole grocery shebang! While I haven’t tried all of them yet, I did my research and made sure the they all got good reviews… hope this helps and happy grocery shopping. Don’t go hungry or you’ll end up with a full cart!

  • Trader J’s Goodie Finder – comprehensive list of exciting and yummy stuff Trader Joe’s (TM) has to offer. Includes grocery list, tips and recipes.
  • Grocery iQ – grocery list of the future, includes search and barcode scan, organize items by aisle, print or email coupons, mutliple store lists and more.
  • MealBoard – recipe-storage app that lets you plan your meals for the week and automatically generates your grocery list.
  • Simple Grocery List – good ‘ol fashioned simple grocery list.
  • Meet the Beet – tidbits on all the fabulous fresh produce you find at farmer’s markets – storage tips, tips on how to choose produce and ideas on how to prepare your fresh finds.
  • Note – Über Grocery List – manage your list, expense reports and share your list features.
  • Yelp – find a grocery store (or anything for that matter) near you and read user reviews.
  • California Farmer’s Market Finder – your guide to California Farmers’ Markets – filter by county and launch google maps to find your way there.
  • Smart Foods – Organic Diet Buddy – a guide to which fruits and vegetables you should buy organic.
  • Photo Grocery List -  a grocery list with photos of the exact item you need – a must have for when you send your husband to the grocery store!
  • Food Network – recipes, shows, menus and shopping tools – all in one place.
  • Whole Foods – get recipes and easily create a grocery list from the recipes you select.
  • Fooducate – scan a barcode, see what’s inside and select a healthier option.
  • Key Ring – store all your rewards cards numbers in one more place and stop carrying all those cards!
  • Grocery Bingo – great for keeping the kids occupied while you shop, touch the objects on the game board as you see them throughout the store–when you get 5 in a row, BINGO!
  • Whole Foods Mission – Get simple, practical advice on cooking, nutrition, green living, food storage and more.  Keep track of your progress and find your nearest Whole Foods.
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  1. Very informative list of apps, thank you :)


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