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Hormonal Acne Be Gone! Bliss “No Zit Sherlock” To The Rescue

The past two years have been a bit hormonal to say the least.  Between getting pregnant, having a baby and nursing for a year, my hormones were on a rollercoaster.  When the Tiny Dancer turned one, I stopped nursing and slowly, bit by bit, my body started becoming mine again.  Along with that came a surge (or loss of) hormones that wreaked havoc on my face.  I went from having clear skin to having small bumps along my forehead, temples and around my mouth.  When I received my complimentary sample of Bliss’s No Zit Sherlock Complete Acne System the timing could not be more perfect.

The sample pack included the no ‘zit’ sherlock purifying cleanser+toner (2 oz), correcting serum (.5 oz) and oil control moisturizer (1 oz).  First you wash with the cleanser +toner and then you apply the serum and then moisturizer.  It seems like a lot of steps but it just takes a minute.  I used the No Zit Sherlock Complete Acne System in the morning and at night and in a few days my skin started clearing up!  I’ve never used an acne treatment with such quick results.  Once my skin cleared up I went back to my regular skin routine but occasionally when my skin flares up I reach for the No Zit Sherlock products and my skin settles down.  I also love that instead of committing to giant bottles of product that you don’t know will work for your skin, you can try the sample pack (which is perfect for travel too!).

You can purchase the Bliss’s No Zit Sherlock Complete Acne System on  You can also “like” Bliss on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

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