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Up All Night – Art Imitating Life

I’ve been seeing commercials for a new show coming this call – Up All Night – starring Christina Applegate, Maya Rudloph and Will Arnett.  Up All Night is about a couple that just had a baby and how they cope with parenthood.  Since I just had a baby last year the experience is fresh in my head so I can relate to everything in the commercial.  From the sleepless nights, to watching what I say – from the stupid arguments to trying to figure everything out for the first time (like a wipes warmer), Up All Night seems completely relatable.  I think the fact that the actors are closer to my age also helps.  I’m looking forward to watching this show – knowing that other people are going through the same thing eases the pain a little bit and lets you see the humor in it all.

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One Response to “Up All Night – Art Imitating Life”

  1. jsica says:

    Seems like a cool show, seems like it’s not entirely about parenthood.


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