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Mirror, Mirror: Surplus Style

The other day we had to run some errands so it was a great time to break out an outfit from babygap that I have been wanting to put on the Tiny Dancer for a while. Trust me, there is nothing cuter than pleated bubble pants – well maybe Tiny Toms – either way, it’s cuteness overload!

Top: babygap onesie
Bottom: babygap pleated bubble pants
Shoes: Tiny Toms

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2 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror: Surplus Style”

  1. j.e.w.el.s says:

    ahhh so cute! She’s getting so big. I love the tiny toms, but how do they run? I want to get a pair for my lil one but have to order them online and I don’t know what size he would be in them. =)

    • GDK says:

      They run pretty true to size. I hope that helps. If you want to be safe maybe get a size bigger so your baby can grow into them?


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