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Best Baby Bib Ever

moxie bib

Bibs, bibs, bibs.  Small, large, cloth, plastic, cloth with plastic lining – I have accumulated so many I could start a collection.  But for all the bibs I have for the Tiny Dancer, I don’t get the coverage I need from any of them.  The closest to full coverage is the Bumkins Junior Bib – it comes close but it has short sleeves – which always manage to get dirty (basically any area not covered is dirty).  When I came across the Moxie Bib online I thought – where have you been all my life as a mom?

The Moxie Bib has long sleeves, cuffs and a collar.  It’s made of soft washable fabric so it feels better against baby’s skin than plastic.  Now, all I need is an adult size Moxie Bib to protect myself from the Tiny Dancer’s flying food!  You can purchase the Moxie Bib online and for a limited time, if you enter MKP at checkout you will receive $3 off of your purchase.

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