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Homemade (Non-Stinky) Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper Rash. It happens to all kids in diapers to varying degrees.  Fortunately, it hasn’t happened too much to the Tiny Dancer’s bum, but when it has, I dreaded it.  I know diaper rash is irritating for her and I just want her to be comfortable.  But I also hate the smell of Desitin.  (If you’ve never smelled Desitin, imagine for a moment what rotten anchovies would smell like).  If the Tiny Dancer had diaper rash then I knew I would have the lovely stench of Desitin in my nose for a few days. Not only is it stinky, but the stinkiness covers up the smell of a dirty diaper – a bit counter intuitive for a diaper rash cream since you should change diapers frequently!

During one diaper rash episode I took the TD to the pediatrician because it was a bit more serious than other cases she had previously.  I told the doctor that I was using super-duper strength Desitin and he suggested an at-home remedy that he had great success with.  It was something I could put together at home and would not have the stink of Desitin.  I was ready to give it a try and it worked!  Now, any time I think TD may be developing a diaper rash I use the cream and it soothes her and makes any redness go away.  It’s the best diaper rash cream I’ve used and I use it exclusively for her diaper rash (and as a preventative) now.

Here’s all you need:

  • Baby Aquaphor
  • Maalox

Take equal parts of Aquaphor and Maalox and combine.  That’s it!  I started with small amounts – 2 tbsp of each – and that was more than enough to get me through a diaper rash.  I hope this helps relieve your baby’s bum without the stink!

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