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Moleskine Introduces Baby Journals!

Moleskine Baby JournalI’m a very sentimental person and when I found out I was having a baby one of the things I really wanted was a baby journal.  I remember when I was a child I always wanted to know what I was like as a baby so I wanted to have a record of the Tiny Dancer’s childhood for her to reflect on.  The only problem was that all the baby journals I saw looked like they were for babies.  The only options were pink or blue (don’t get me started) and they were also really big – like photo album big.  I liked what they were but I did not like what they looked like.

I’m a Moleskine user so when I found out that Moleskin was introducing a baby journal to their line of notebooks I was ecstatic.  I received a baby journal from Moleskine to review and I love it.  Finally, there’s a baby journal where you record all of baby’s information that won’t be stuck in childhood forever.  The Moleskine baby journal can fit into your life – and your bookshelf!

The Moleskine baby journal is embossed with images of childhood and has pages to take you from pregnancy and through childhood.  The journal has tabs for 9 Months to Go, B-day, Homecoming, Special Moments, Health & Care and Feeding.  In addition, the journal has blank tabs so you can document whatever you want.  The journal also includes contacts, a family tree and growth charts for reference.  Finally, the Moleskine baby journal also has pockets to keep mementos and which comes filled with stickers for you to add to the journal.

Since I was unable to find a journal in the TD’s first year, I have lots of scraps of paper with dates and milestones written on them.  I’ve been waiting for the right journal to come along so I can get all the information in one place in a presentable format – and now I have that.  You can purchase the Moleskine Baby Journal online on the Moleskine web shop.

Moleskine Baby Journal

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  1. Jessica says:

    Omg, I love this! I’m a big moleskine fan!


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