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“You Turned Out Ok…”

If you are a new mom, then chances are you’ve heard the phrase “Well, you turned out ok…” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this and in my book it’s up there with “I told you so” and “Nanny nanny boo-boo” – completely unhelpful and equally annoying. (Mom, I know you are reading this – this is not directed just toward you – I love you).

When I was pregnant I took many classes – childbirth, child care, infant cpr and breastfeeding – my approach to being a new mom was very academic.  Of course I would constantly call my mom with questions but I also wanted to educate myself.  My mom had me 36 years ago -  some things changed since then, no?  I slept in a crib with a drop-side, slept on my stomach and learned how to walk in a walker – all things that all of my reading (and pediatrician) advised against.  But try telling that to your mom (or mom-in-law or aunt or sister or cousin – you get the picture).

Well, now you don’t have to be the one breaking the mold.  You can enroll your parents in a class too!  In some communities, notably the Bay Area, hospitals are offering classes to grandparents to bring them up to speed on things that have changed since they were parents.  I can’t believe these classes were in my area and I didn’t know about them – I would have loved to sign up the parents and parents-in-law.  Anything for one less “you turned out ok…”  Would you sign up grandparents for a class like this?

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