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Happy Halloween! DIY Hello Kitty Costume

DIY Hello Kitty Costume
Happy Halloween! You may remember that a while back I posted my inspiration board for The Tiny Dancer’s Halloween costume – original 1974 Hello Kitty. I wanted to post the DIY instructions for the costume BEFORE Halloween but time is scarce around here and I just completed the costume yesterday. If you like it, maybe you can save the inspiration for next year! Here’s how we got the look…

DIY Hello Kitty Costume
My goal with the outfit was to make it out of clothing that The Tiny Dancer could actually wear after Halloween in her daily life – more economical right? Here’s what she wore:
-1969 Denim Overalls, babygap
-Long-sleeve white onesie, Carter’s
-Red Hi-Top Chuck Taylor, Converse

DIY Hello Kitty Costume

This bow is no-sew and super easy to make. Here’s what you need:
-2 Pieces standard 9×12 red felt
-Hot glue gun & hot glue
-Pillow stuffing

Here’s how to make the bow:
1. Hold 1 piece of felt in the landscape position and fold in half.
2. Cut off the corners so that it’s oval.
3. Apply hot glue around the entire edge – leave a 2-inch gap in the center of the straight edge.
4. Stuff the felt with pillow stuffing through the 2-inch gap in the straight edge. Make it really full – put your fingers in to push the stuffing up into the corners.
5. Seal the open gap with hot glue.
6. Take the 2nd piece of felt and hold it in the portrait position (opposite of landscape) and fold in half. Cut along the fold.
7. Fold the edges of the felt in back so they meet (you’re doubling it up) and glue some dots along the back to keep the felt folded back.
8. Take the strip of felt and wrap it very tightly around the stuffed felt until it looks like a bow. Glue gun the strip of felt to hold the position. There will be a “tail” of red strip felt left in the back – don’t cut it off you’ll need it later.

DIY Hello Kitty Costume

Here’s what you need to make the face:
-White Foam Board (about 1/4 inch thick)
-Black Felt (if you can find the one with the sticky stuff on back that’s great but not necessary)
-Yellow Felt
-Red Felt Bow
-Winter Beanie Hat with under-chin ties (preferably white)
-White thread and sewing needle
-Hot glue gun & hot glue

I tried making this headpiece no-sew but the only way I could get it to stand up on The Tiny Dancer’s head was to sew it on to her winter hat. If I knew that in advance, I would have bought a white one so I apologize for any pink hat peeking through!

DIY Hello Kitty Costume

Here’s how to make the head piece:
1. With a pencil draw the outline of the Hello Kitty head. I wish I could give you a pattern but I just free-hand drew it. I can’t draw to save my life and was able to do this so it’s not as hard as you think. Just have a real image of Hello Kitty nearby for reference.
2. Cut along the outline. For the area where your kid’s head goes, cut a half-oval that is 2.5-inches high and 6-inches wide. (My child is 17 months old. If your child is any older you may want to measure their head).
3. Find a small oval object you can trace – I used a spoon. Trace and cut one oval in yellow and 2 ovals in black. Trace and cut near the edge as you’ll need to use more felt later.
4. Cut 3 strips of black (between 1/4 and 1/2 inch wide) along the short edge of the felt. Cut the three black strips in half length-wise.
5. Glue the red bow with hot glue to the top right ear area. Have the red “tail” of the bow go over the top and onto the back of the head piece and glue the tail down.
6. Apply the eyes, nose and whiskers with hot glue. (If you buy the felt with sticky stuff on back you don’t need to hot glue – just remove the backing and stick to the white foam.
7. Once everything is dried and in place. Sew the head piece to the beanie. In order to sew in the right area, find the middle and see where on the hat the headpiece and hat meet on the right side – that is your starting point. Sew the headpiece to the hat so that the long stitches are on the hat side (so you don’t see the stitches on the outside). Sew across and make sure to reinforce the ends when you start and end.
8. Turn the head piece over and sew the tail of the bow to the top of the beanie.

Happy Hello Kitty Halloween!

DIY Hello Kitty Costume

DIY Hello Kitty Costume

DIY Hello Kitty Costume

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  1. j.e.w.e.l.s says:

    omg!!! too freaking cute!! you did an awesome job with the hello kitty, is it weird that I want to make this for myself=)

  2. Jala says:

    Hi! Awesome job! You said you used white foam board and were able to sew through it? Was it just regular foam board from Michael’s or A.C. Moore?


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