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Live Clean Baby Collection – Sustainable, Renewable & Replenishable

live clean babyI’ve tried a bunch of natural baby bath products because the Tiny Dancer has really sensitive skin but one thing I’ve noticed about baby bath products is that they don’t lather.  I know it’s just programming, but I need to see bubbles when I’m cleaning the baby otherwise I don’t feel like I’m doing anything.  When I was contacted about trying Live Clean Baby, an eco-friendly baby bath product line I was excited to give it a try.

Live Clean Baby uses only natural, non-irritating, supremely gentle plant-based ingredients and is committed to providing products that contribute to a greener planet, yet perform at the highest level.  The environmentally aware collection of products is formulated with mama’s concerns and baby’s sensitivities in mind.  Live Clean Baby is vegan (with no animal ingredients) and cruelty-free (not tested on animals), packaging is recyclable and the products are free of chemicals commonly used in bath products.  The collection includes: Tearless Shampoo and Wash, Moisurizing Baby Bath, Moisturing Baby Lotion, Non-Petroleum Jelly, Diaper Ointment and Moisturizing Bar Soap.

I tried all of the products in the collection and I’m very happy with them.  The soap and shampoo lathered nicely so I actually felt like I was cleaning the baby but it was very gentle.  The Tiny Dancer loved the Moisturizing Baby Bath – it was her first bubble bath and she could play with those bubbles all day if I let her.  The Moisturizing lotion was gentle and the diaper ointment did the trick without that nasty Desitin smell.  I especially like the Non-Petroleum Jelly – it had the same texture and worked just as well as Vaseline – but without the petroleum!  All of the products had a pleasant “clean baby” smell to them that I liked.

Unfortunately, environmentally friendly is usually equated with expensive.  So how much is this great eco-friendly, all-natural baby bath product going to cost you?  Not much at all!  The products are value priced at $7.99 and you can find it at over 8,000 Walgreens stores or on  Everybody wins!  I’ll definitely be buying these products once my samples run out.

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