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What Is Wrong With Johnson & Johnson?

johnson and johnson shampoo chemicals

Johnson & Johnson is synonymous with baby products.  They even put out sentimental ads like this:

So why, why, why Johnson & Johnson do your baby bath products that have trace amounts of chemicals that can cause cancer? WHY?  Johnson & Johnson has the ability to make the bath products without the chemicals – we know this because it sell them without the carcinogenic chemicals in OTHER COUNTRIES.  So why not in the US?  There’s currently a boycott of Johnson & Johnson bath products in effect and I encourage you to participate.  I’ve reviewed several natural alternatives on the site (Live Clean Baby, Lavanila and a Review of Natural & DIY Baby Washes) – please support companies that REALLY care about the welfare of our babies.

For more information on the details of the science behind this, you can read this article.

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