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Harajuku Mini for Target in Stores Now!

Harajuku Mini for Target

Harajuku Mini for Target released on Sunday and I was at Target first thing so I could get first pick for The Tiny Dancer. There wasn’t a line or anything but there were two other people there early to shop the collection – luckily we were all shopping for kids of different sizes :)

The items were split across the children’s department depending on the size/age of the kids. I checked out the infant and toddler pieces for boys and girls and the young girls’ collection. The collection is very cute and references a bunch of Gwen Stefani’s style influences from Harajuku to punk, girlie glam to furry animals mixed in with some “I Love Nerds” (who doesn’t?).  My favorite piece of the collection is a motorcycle jacket/hoodie – it’s so cute I want to wear it!

You can see the pieces I shot in store below, as well as the pieces I bought for The Tiny Dancer. What do you think? Did you see the collection in person? Did you pick anything up for your kids? What were your favorites?

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  1. Jessica says:

    I don’t have any little ones but I saw these at Target yesterday and a lot of them were gone already.


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