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Juiceology: Natural Fruit Juice + Whole Grain Extracts

Juice has a pretty bad rap. It’s usually disguised as being just as healthy as fruit and has lots of added sugar. For the most part, I drink water and coffee but there are days that I would love some juice but fight back the urge because of the calories and lack of fiber that you get from actually eating a fruit. As for the Tiny Dancer, she only drinks water and milk and I’ve been trying to avoid all the sugar of juice.  When I was offered a chance to try a fruit juice with no added sugar and extracts of whole grain to up the fiber, I thought why not?

Juiceology, is all-natural healthy fruity drink and is the first juice ever that contains extracts of whole grain with only 98 calories, no sugar added, and zero fat. I tried the Peach Mango and Blueberry Açaí – so tasty! Both juices were naturally sweet and tasted like the fruits on the label – not some processed version of them. I happened to have some orange juice in my fridge so I compared the labels. The orange juice had more calories, much more sodium, more carbs, more sugar and less fiber than both Juiceology juices. Score! Now I can have juice and not feel guilty about it.  I can also let The Tiny Dancer have some and know that there is no added sugar and that she’s also getting some fiber.

For now Juiceology is available in Ralphs, Bristol Farms, Famima, Gelson’s and Northgate in Southern California but distribution will be expanded soon – stay tuned!

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