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Classic Rocking Horses & Contemporary Rocking Toys for Kids

contemporary rocking horse modern rocking horse From top left:  Crafts Collection Rocking Sheep, Emu.Eno Rocking Sheep, Hiho, Eames Elephant, Walking Elephant *I realize the green elephant is no a rocker but it’s Eames and I love it.

For Christmas, I want to get the Tiny Dancer a rocking horse. Since I was in the market already, I thought I’d share some of the favorite rockers that I found. My favorites tend to be in two different categories – classic wooden rocking horses and contemporary rocking animals (they’re not all horses). There were some very cool looking contemporary styles that I didn’t include because I felt like they were more for the parents. I mean, I would rather have them around the house but they don’t look like animals and I think that’s part of the fun for the kids no? Check out my favorites – I think we decided on the rocking horse from the Land of Nod – which also happens to be on sale!

classic rocking horse wooden rocking horse From top left: Pottery Barn Kids, Little Sapling Toys on Etsy, Land of Nod, Tori Rocking Horse

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