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Christmas Decor – A Black & White Christmas

black and white holiday christmas decorations and decor

I like decorating for the holidays around a theme or color scheme.  Last year was our first Christmas in our house and I wanted it to be special. We didn’t really decorate in our old apartment so that meant I had to buy all of the decorations – which took some planning.  I wanted something that looked a bit modern and not too traditional and opted for a Black & White Christmas theme.  Most of my house is black and white with accents of red – a color combination that I absolutely love – so I thought why not for Christmas?


I wanted to keep the tree pretty uniform and not have fifty million different types of ornaments.  It was going to be simple:  white lights, black and white ball ornaments, black and white bow ornaments and a white star for the top of the tree.  Finding black and white ornaments for the Christmas tree was not an easy task.  I tried department stores to Walmart – and no one hand black and white ornaments!  Thankfully, I located them online and was able to have them shipped.  (Just a note, you can find any color ornament online if you’re having trouble locating a color you want in stores).

The bow ornaments I made myself.  You need two types of ribbon – grosgrain ribbon for the bow and a thin ribbon to hang the ornament (preferably the same color).  You simply make a bow the size you want and stream a thin ribbon into the back of the bow so you can make a loop to hang the bow on to the tree.  That’s it – tree done!


We actually have a functioning fireplace!  But we don’t use it.  I must say that I still love the way it looks and the character it adds to the room.  We painted the bricks of our fireplace red (a Disney color called Mickey’s Pants – no joke!) – not for Christmas but for always. It just happened to be perfect for Christmas as well – that was just a bonus.  I had to have stockings hung by the fireplace – as a kid my favorite part of Christmas was the little treasures in my gift stocking.  The Tiny Dancer’s gift stocking was easy – I found a Hello Kitty stocking that also plays music.  For me and Ali, I made our gift stockings out of fabric that matched our theme.  It was pretty simple to make and I’ll let you know how-to in a future post.  I added some decorations on the mantle and candles (I’ll also show you how-to later) and voila! Mantle is done.


My dining room table cloth is black and my dishes are white so they already went with the theme.  I added some fun holiday touches to make it festive like card holders which I made, flowers, bowls of color coordinated M&Ms, and little stockings to put flatware in.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a chic holiday decor.  All you need to do is put some thought into it and shop around for the best deal.  If you’re crafty, you can make many of the decorations yourself.  I hope my Christmas theme from last year inspires your holiday decorations!  Happy Holidays!

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