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Easy Simple Christmas Decorations

easy simple holiday christmas decorationsThis year we are spending Christmas in New York so we didn’t get a real tree for the house.  I didn’t want the house to be without a tree though – especially since the Tiny Dancer gets such a kick out of them so I opted for a small faux tree.  I know, I know, I’m not a fan of faux trees but I found a small one with lights at Target for $20.  I figured for a quick fix and a little Christmas cheer, that would do the trick.

Last year, I had a black & white Christmas but I wanted the little tree to be different. First, my black and white ornaments were too big for the mini tree.  Second, this year I was really liking gold so I opted for 2 packs of small gold ornaments, also from Target.  Since the tree was too small to handle our star topper, I bought a gold bow to top the tree.  The rest of the decorations I put together from stuff I had last year plus the gold candles and plate I bought for Thanksgiving.  Top it all off with some fresh Holly branches and we’re ready for Christmas!

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